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[COMPLETED] - Chicago - Network Cutover

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Update 18 Sept 2021 10:03PM
This layer-3 switch-over has been completed without any incident.

Dear Customers,

Update 18 Sept 2021 9:55PM

We are all set to get started on this in 5 minutes from now.

Dear Customers,

We have completed migrating the servers physically to a new data center building in Chicago. We are now left with transferring layer 3 routing from the old building to the new one on new Juniper devices. This has been scheduled at 10 PM Chicago time on 18 Sept 2021. Our network engineers have made all preparations, and we do not anticipate any issues.

During the network cutover, you may see drops in packets for few minutes. The entire maintenance window for this task is 30 minutes, but your services will continue to work during this period, except for short periods when you may see packet loss.

We thank you for your cooperation in this entire process.

Best regards,
Softsys Support

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