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POSTPONE- Critical Windows patch/update (Denver DC)

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We will perform host machines windows updates task for next month or later since other maintenance task has already been scheduled. We are sorry for inconvenience caused to you.
Dear Customer

We will be applying latest Critical Windows Updates & security patches on our Hyper-V host machines which will require HV servers to be rebooted multiple times. This maintenance will be starting from 28th Feb 9 PM MST and updates about the progress will be posted in this announcement. There have been multiple security patches issued - one of them being specific to Hyper-V host machine and hence, this needs to be applied ASAP.

HV03 >> 28th Feb at 9 PM MST
HV17 >> 28th Feb at 10 PM MST
HV18 >> 28th Feb at 11 PM MST
HV22 >> 29th Feb at 12 AM MST
HV23 >> 29th Feb at 01 AM MST
HV24 >> 29th Feb at 02 AM MST
HV25 >> 29th Feb at 03 AM MST
HV26 >> 29th Feb at 04 AM MST
HV27 >> 29th Feb at 05 AM MST
HV29 >> 29th Feb at 08 PM MST
HV30 >> 29th Feb at 09 PM MST
HV31 >> 29th Feb at 10 PM MST
HV32 >> 29th Feb at 11 PM MST
HV33 >> 1st March at 03 AM MST
HV34 >> 1st March at 04 AM MST
HV35 >> 1st March at 12 AM MST
HV36 >> 1st March at 01 AM MST
HV37 >> 1st March at 02 AM MST
HV38 >> 1st March at 08 PM MST
HV39 >> 1st March at 09 PM MST

Estimated time for each host machine: 50 to 90 Minutes
Update: Since we have a good amount of HV's, they may not all be completed same day and will be rolled over to next night per time zones of respective server locations.

With regards to VM’s hosted on HV's, All VM's will be shut down when Windows update process is started and will be started / returned to service after all updates are applied / installed.

Thanks in advance for your understanding & co-operation.
Softsys Support

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