COMPLETED - Maintenance Battery Replacement - HV29 - Denver DC

Date/Time: 03 March, 2019, 00:10 AM MST

Battery has been replaced. ALL VPS servers on this host machine are now online. This maintenance is now complete.


Date/Time: 02 March, 2019, 11:30 AM MST

We are saving the VPS servers. We will update here once battery replacement is completed.


Dear Customers

We have been notified of a fault RAID Battery Backup Unit (BBU) on host machine HV24 which is required to be replaced. We've setup a maintenance window per below schedule:

Date/Time: 01st March, 2019, 11:30 PM MST
Estimate time: 45 to 60 Minutes

Customer Impact: The VPS Host machine will be shut down (along with all VM's in it) and thereafter we'll be physically replacing the faulty BBU unit and replace it with a fresh one. Once done, we'll be restarting the server along with individual VM's (which will be started in queued fashion with some amount of delay)

Thanks for your co-operation.
Softsys Support Team

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