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Upgrade/Downgrade Plan / Configurable options

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To upgrade your plan, you will need to follow below steps:

1) Log in to the members portal

2) Click on Services -> My Services.

3) Click the View Details button beside the product you wish to upgrade/downgrade.

4) 4) Click on *Management Actions* -> Upgrade/Downgrade (To upgrade hosting plan) --OR-- *Management Actions* -> Click on Upgrade/Downgrade options (To change configurable options of existing hosting plan).

5) Proceed with checkout and make payment of invoice generated to complete this process.

Important: Please note that HDD space in VPS' cannot be downgraded for the server's life since it is impossible to remove it after it is added to the hard drive. Hence, any HDD component added for Windows or Linux VPS (either through the purchase of disk space addon or upgrade of the entire plan) is irreversible.

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