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Details to be provided for migration

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If you wish to transfer your account from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 server, please open a ticket with the sales department (Click here) and mention the below details in the format provided: 

1) Billing portal login name (email address): 
2) Helm Account ID: 
3) Domain names to be transferred:    
  • (i)    
  • (ii)    
  • (iii) 
4) SQL Server databases/db user/db password:
  • (i) db1/db1_user/db1_pass    
  • (ii) db2/db2_user/db2_pass    
  • (iii) db3/db3_user/db3_pass
5) MYSQL Server databases/db user/db password:
  • (i) db1/db1_user/db1_pass    
  • (ii) db2/db2_user/db2_pass    
  • (iii) db3/db3_user/db3_pass 
6) Preferred Windows 2008/IIS 7 Hosting Plan 
7) Plan billing cycle. From a billing perspective, you will need to make the payment of your preferred Windows 2008/IIS 7 Hosting plan less the amount of the unused period of existing account calculated on a pro-rata basis.

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