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Do You Have Any Windows Shared/VPS Hosting Plan with Unlimited MSSQL Database Size?

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Windows Shared Hosting:
You cannot create MSSQL database with unlimited size in Windows Shared Hosting, as you will get 500 MB storage space for each MS SQL database.

Windows VPS Hosting:
In Windows VPS Hosting, maximum database size depends on the MS SQL Server edition you have chosen. In Windows VPS, we offer (i) MS SQL Server Express Edition (ii) MS SQL Server Web Edition (iii) MS SQL Server Standard Edition. You have the option to choose either of them at the time of placing your order.

MS SQL Server 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2014 Express Edition:
The permissible DB size is up to 10 GB data.

MS SQL Server Web Edition:
The permissible DB size is up to 524 PB.

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