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Enhanced PayPal Billing

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We're excited to launch enhanced PayPal billing gateway which will avoid most hassles of PayPal subscriptions. You will need to setup a one time PayPal Billing Agreement from members portal by following below steps:

1) Visit -
2) Navigate to 'Billing' -> 'Manage PayPal Billing' in top menu.
3) If you do no have a Billing Agreement setup, you will be able to setup this from here. It is a one time process after which our system will auto bill your PayPal account and you will receive invoice payment confirmation email.

You can also setup a billing agreement by visiting page of any unpaid invoice (if you have any) and then paying with "PayPal Billing" gateway from invoice page.

In case you do not want automatic PayPal Billing to be enabled, you can cancel it from members portal after it is setup from the same 'Billing' -> 'Manage PayPal Billing' menu option.

This new option will help to overcome few challenges experienced with the legacy "PayPal Subscription" option caused issues with end users forgetting to cancel subscription on service cancellation causing billing to continue, required cancelling & recreating subscription in case of service upgrade, etc and thus help in streamlining billing issues.

Our system is setup to bill your PayPal account 3 days before due date of invoice to provide you with buffer period in case payment fails for some reason. In case you do not have automatic billing setup (either with PayPal or credit card), please ensure that you make payment on or before due date. In case it is not done, your services will be auto suspended by our system immediately along with application of late fees.

Please visit for steps on how to add your credit/debit card in our system.

For any billing queries, please open a ticket with billing department or email from registered email on file with us.

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