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How to change the primary IP addres of a WHM/cPanel server?

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This is for CentOS/RHEL based servers.

  • Steps in WHM:
    • Log into WHM and go to Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
    • Change the Primary IP here with the option that says "The IP address (only one address) that will be used for setting up shared IP virtual hosts"
    • Note: This might not actually be necessary.
  • Log in to SSH, and do the following:
    • Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
      • Change the IPADDR and GATEWAY lines to match the new IP and Gateway for the new ip
    • Edit /etc/sysconfig/network
      • Change the GATEWAY line here if it does not exist in the ifcfg-* file.
    • Edit /etc/ips
      • Remove the new primary IP from this file if it is present
      • Add the old primary IP to this file with the format ::
    • Edit /var/cpanel/mainip
      • Replace the old primary IP with the new primary IP
    • Edit /etc/hosts
      • Replace the old primary IP with the new one if needed. The hostname's dns will need to be updated too
    • Restart the network service to make the new IP the primary
      • service network restart
      • Note: You're probably going to be disconnected at this point, and have to log in to ssh using the new primary ip.
    • Restart the ipaliases script to bring up the additional IP
      • service ipaliases restart
    • Run ifconfig and make sure all IPs show up correctly.

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