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How to domain Redirect in cPanel?

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Permanent (301) Redirect

This one redirects your visitors to a new website and updates your visitor’s bookmarks. This also directs search engines to your new website. This redirect is permeant and means that page has moved. So, the Search Engine and other crawlers update their data according to the new link. Popularity and SEO of link remains same as the old link had.

Temporary (302) Redirect

This one redirects your visitors to a new website, but does not update your visitor’s bookmark. Search Engines still index your original website. This redirect is temporary and search engine thinks that the new link is going to get removed, hence it does not have same popularity like the old link.

- Log into cPanel
- Go to Domains area
- Click on Redirect
- Choose your redirect type from the Dropdown Menu, Permanent or Temporary Redirect.
- Choose the Domain Name you want to redirect from the Dropdown menu of lists of domain.
- Enter full URL of the page your domain will be redirected to, in Redirect to textbox. You will also need to specify the protocol as well, http:// or https://

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