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How to enable 2-factor authentication for client area

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It is highly important to keep your billing portal access safe and secured. In order to assist you with this, we have option to enable 2-factor authentication for each member accounts at no additional costs. This will require an additional special code to be entered to login along with your regular password. This special code is generated on your mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows Phone) through Google Authenticator app. In order to get started, please follow steps outlined below:

  1. After logging into members portal (, click on "Edit Account Details" in pull down menu (top right corner under your name) - refer attachment 2-factor-1.png

  2. Navigate to "Security Settings" tab and click on "Click here to Enable" button. - refer attachment 2-factor-2.png

  3. On the next screen, click on "Get Started" - refer attachment 2-factor-3.png

  4. You will be presented with a barcode which you will need to scan from your Google Authenticator app on mobile device. This will generate unique "time based" code which you will need to enter each time that you login. This screen will also have a special backup code (secret key) which will can keep at a safe place - in case you lose your mobile device, you can login with this backup code (secret key). Click on "Confirm" to save the settings - Refer attachment 2-factor-4.png

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