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How to view Bandwidth Usage Graphs of VPS/Dedicated server

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You can view bandwidth usage graphs of your VPS or Dedicated server by following below steps:

1) Login to
2) Click on Services -> My Services
3) Click on on your VPS/Dedicated Server service
4) Scroll down and you can see bandwidth usage graphs under the section Bandwidth Usage Graphs
5) Clicking on "View Details" link below any of these graphs will take you to detail page which will show detailed data of your bandwidth usage.

Please note that you will need to monitor your bandwidth regularly through above graphs so that you do not overuse. In case you overuse, it will be charged at our usual bandwidth overusage charges as below:

VPS: $15/m for each slot of 100GB or $25/m for each slot of 200GB Bandwidth.
Dedicated: $0.1/GB of overused bandwidth.

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