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What scripting languages do you support?

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SoftSys Web Hosting supports all of the following script languages / technologies on our shared and reseller hosting accounts:   ASPASP.NET 1.1ASP.NET 2.0PHP 4.4xPHP 5.xPerl 5.8xActiveState PerlColdFusion MX 7ColdFusion 5 (available upon request) Please test all scripts locally before uploading them to our servers! Our servers are production servers, not development machines. Poorly written and untested scripts can potentially affect performance on the entire web server by consuming excessive processor and/or memory usage. Any scripts found to consume excessive resources will be disabled and the entire account may potentially be disabled or terminated without warning or refund. It is of utmost importance to provide reliable service to our customers. We cannot and will not allow scripts to degrade overall server performance.

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