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Backup MS SQL 2005/2008 database from Management Studio

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1) Connect to the database using the connection parameters provided in your login email where: SQL Server Name: IP-Address,Port Authentication: SQL Server Authentication Username: Database user created from control panel Password: Password for above user setup from control panel 
2) Once connected to your database server, you will need to browse to your database in the left window pane of Management Studio. Right Click on your database, and under "Tasks" choose "Back Up..." 
3) A new window will open where we will configure where to save the database backup file. You will want to ensure that the "Backup type" is set to "Full" to get a Full backup of your database. Now, highlight the Destination file that is already in the list by clicking on it, and Click "Remove". 
4) Click "Add..." to specify where to save the backup file. 
5) A window will pop up, asking you where to save the backup file. Enter a location of your choice. For this example, we will save it to "C:\Backup\myBackup-Full-050109.bak". Note that this is the entire actual filepath. 6) Now, we have to make sure that the backup you are creating overwrites all existing backup sets, as appending it to an existing set can cause conflicts when attempting to perform a restore. On the left-hand side of the window, click on 'Options', and then click on 'Overwrite all existing backup sets'.  
7) Once this option is in place, all that is left to do is to run the backup! Click "OK" to begin the database backup. 
8) If the database backed up successfully, you should receive a success message. 
9) Use the backup (.bak file) created at a location setup in step 5 to restore against existing database on live server.

** Please note that customers on shared/reseller hosting will not be able to backup databases using steps mentioned above on live server. They will need to perform backup/restore task through online control panel only or by contacting our technical support team to get it done manually.

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