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Data backup

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All of our shared servers are backed up every night on our network backup servers through R1Soft CDP system. These backups have a retention period of 7 days. In case customer has deleted any data from their account, we'll first check to see if data is available in our backups and if so, restoration will be done at an additional charge (as prescribed on our website).
Additionally, please note below as mentioned in our Terms and conditions page:
The subscriber is responsible for keeping a complete and current copy of their website files as a backup on a remote system (not solely on Softsys Hosting servers). Softsys Hosting is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost files, information or data. Although Softsys Hosting backups may include subscriber sites and information for disaster recovery purposes, these backups are not to be relied on by the subscriber. Softsys Hosting does not guarantee to possess the most current copy of a subscriber's website in its own backups. In the event of accidently deleting the data, Softsys Hosting may be providing you with the files from the back up at an additional charge

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