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Difference between Linux and Windows Hosting

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Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems. Linux is the most popular operating system for web servers. Since Linux-based hosting is more popular, it has more of the features web designers expect.  So unless you have websites which need specific Windows applications, Linux is the preferred choice.

Windows Specific Applications:

Windows applications which require a Windows server:

  • ASP Classic
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
  • Visual Basic Development
  • C#
  • Remote Desktop (dedicated server only)

Linux Specific Applications:

Applications that require a Linux-based server.

  • SSH
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Scripts or applications that require specific Apache modules

Control Panels

Windows servers and Linux servers use different control panels.

  • cPanel is available on all Linux-based hosting plans, such as Linux Shared, Reseller, VPS and Linux Dedicated Servers.
  • WHM (Web Host Manager) is available on Linux Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers.
  • Plesk is available on Windows Shared and Dedicated Servers.
  • Websitepanel is available on Windows server.

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