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How To Create Virtual Machine

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If you are signed up for Flexible Unlimited Windows VPS plan, you will have option to create a virtual machine from control panel. This can be done by following steps mentioned below:


1) Login to VPS Web Management Panel (URL / Login details should be available in login email).

2) Click on your hosting space name (Unlimited Flexi VPS) - Refer 1.png

3) Click on "Create VM" button - Refer 2.png

4) Enter All the details for creation of VM as below - Refer 3.png

Host Name of VPS as

Password Of Administrator User

Select OS that you want to install from drop down list

5) Click Next And Select Resources For VM to be created (Min Disk Space: 20GB, Min RAM: 1024 MB and Min Cores: 1 per Virtual Machine) - Refer 4.png

6) Click Next To Select Number Of Public IP's to be allocated to VM - Refer 5.png

7) Click Next To Review the Configuration and Click Next Wait For VM to be created (can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes) - Refer 6.png

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