IPMICFG Configuration In Linux

  • 18 September 2015 9:00 AM

mkdir ipmicfg

cd ipmicfg/

wget ftp://ftp.supermicro.com/utility/IPMICFG/ipmicfg_1.21.0_general_20150615.zip

unzip ipmicfg_1.21.0_general_20150615.zip

cd ipmicfg_1.21.0_general_20150615/linux/64bit/

chmod +x ipmicfg-linux.x86_64


For configuring private IP in Chicago (Replace IP with actual IP to be used for IPMI):

./ipmicfg-linux.x86_64 -m <<PRIVATE IPMI IP AS IN HW SHEET>>
./ipmicfg-linux.x86_64 -k
./ipmicfg-linux.x86_64 -g

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