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Private Network For World Wide Dedicated Servers

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Free Private Network

All servers of our WorldWide Dedicated Server Offerings are based in data centers with PoPs connected by a fiber private network, based on separate carriers from public network. This enables you to seamlessly connect your services in any of these data centers around the world, and securely access and control your services out of band for exceptional security, accessibility, and bandwidth efficiency.

- Unmetered bandwidth - You can transfer Unlimited Data between servers located in any data center through separate private network. Hence, you can have servers in Hongkong, London, Dallas (or any combination of 10 data centers) and have them all communicate internally through private network completely FREE!

- Secure private VLANs per customer

- 100Mbps / 1Gbps speed option from server to server (in different data centers)

- No charge for server to server cross connects

- Secure customer to customer cross connects

Private Local DNS Resolvers


This enterprise grade feature will allow you to have your servers hosted in multiple locations around the world and still have them connected internally with blazing fast speeds. You can setup load balancers or active / passive failover servers, disaster recovery servers, etc in multiple locations without worrying about internal traffic / bandwidth costs.

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