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Service Cancellation

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We're always sorry to hear about cancellation of services. If there's anything we can do to have you stay with us, feel free to get in touch with our billing department by emailing

In case you want to stop billing of a service, it is mandatory to cancel the service on or before due date from members portal. To proceed with submitting a cancellation request, please follow below steps:

1) Login to members portal at
2) Click on Services -> My Services
3) Click on the right most button (mostly showing Active) beside the product you wish to cancel
4) Click "Cancel" Icon
5) Enter relevant details and submit cancellation request. Be sure to click the “Submit Request” button, and NOT the CANCEL button to submit this request. If you click CANCEL, this request will be abandoned.

Please note:

1) If you do not raise a cancellation request on or before due date, you will be liable to pay the full outstanding amount of invoice as you've already entered into next billing cycle. Not doing so will cause your entire account to be moved to "Overdue" status and -All- other services (paid / unpaid) will be immediately suspended.

2) If you opt to let your service expire without cancelling, it will be terminated by our system and your account will remain in "Overdue" status. Any / al future payments will be adjusted against the overdue invoice of terminated service.

3) In case you have raised a cancellation request and want to revert back for some reason, please contact our billing department ASAP before service cancellation takes place.

4) Please ensure that you've backed up all of your data before raising cancellation request and everything will be completely wiped off from our services.

Again, we'd be looking forward to work with you to ensure that you continue your services with us and would love to work with you with all possible options to continue your services with us. In case of any queries, feel free to get in touch with our billing department.

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