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Create a Certificate Request in IIS7

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1.  Once logged into your server, open IIS Manager.  You can do this by clicking your Windows Start button and entering "inetmgr" into the search box.  Then press enter.
2.  Click on the Server name.
3.  On the Features view, double click "Server Certificates."
4.  On the Actions pane, click "Create Certificate Request..."
5.  Fill in the following information for your Certificate Request:
  •  a. Common name:  Enter the domain name that you will be securing here. Most certificates are meant to be used for one domain name and one prefix only.  For example, in "," where "" is your domain name, the "www" is the prefix.   
  • b. Organization:  Enter the name of the organization that owns the domain name as specified at the registrar. Please do not use abbreviations or commas.  
  • c. Organization Unit: Enter the name of the department within your company that will have the most interaction with the SSL pages.  
  • d. City/state/country: Enter the location where the business is located.  Do not use any abbreviations for State.
6.  Click "Next."
7.  Leave the default values for the Cryptographic service provider (Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider) and Bit length (1024), then click "Next."
8.  Enter a file name for the certificate file box, or click the browse button [...] to choose where you would like to save the requested file.
9.  Click "Finish." The CSR key is generated and saved in a file (at the location selected in step 8). You will need to use this key while ordering an SSL Certificate from your provider.

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