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Hardware Replacement SLA (Dedicated Servers)

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Hardware Replacement SLA (Applicable for all Dedicated Server Customers)

Softsys Hosting will use commercially reasonable efforts to replace failed hardware and hardware components located within in our cabinets at data centers at a service level of four hours after Softsys Hosting's verification of Customer's notification in the ticketing system of a hardware failure. This response period does not include time required to reload the operating system or applications.

If the installation does not meet this service level, customer shall be eligible for SLA Credits as provided below which is percentage of fees directly related to given hardware to be replaced (HDD / RAM / etc) if the Customer contacts us within 7 days of replacement:

4 Hrs or Less - NA
4 Hrs to 8 Hrs - 20%
8 Hrs to 12 Hrs - 40%
12 Hrs to 16 Hrs - 60%
16 Hrs to 18 Hrs - 80%
18+ Hrs - 100%

Customer will be required to file a ticket with billing department within 7 days of incident in order to get appropriate credits in case we fail to replace the hardware within 4 hours of period. The credits applied can be used for future invoice payments (renewals or new service orders) in given account.

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