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Obtaining Live Support

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In order to obtain Live Support (through online chat or phone), please ensure that you follow below steps:

1) Keep your Support PIN ready - this is available in your Members Portal Home Page. If it is not already created, you will find an option to create it from details section of your profile. This is a MUST as is use to validate your account ownership. If you don't have this available or if you provide incorrect PIN, we will not be able to proceed under any circumstances for security reasons.

2) Live Support is limited to Basic Level 1 / 2 issues only. In case your issue requires extensive research, please open a support ticket instead of live chat / phone (or you will be asked by our support agent about the same).

3) Please be patient while our support agent works on your issue. Constantly asking for updates / pressuring the support agent will not help in faster resolution of your issue.

4) In case you are having a service where support is -not- included, please understand that you agree to pay custom support charge at hourly rates specific to your service and will be billed to your account.

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