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Steps To Configure CloudFlare RailGun For Your Website

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1) Order CloudFlare with RailGun Special Plan from our website at 
2) Once the order is placed, paid and activated (you will receive an email once your order is activated), navigate to your billing portal account at and you will find a floating blue button with text to "Setup Cloudflare". 
3) On successive page, select the website for which you need to enable CloudFlare and enter Username + Password of CloudFlare account (if you don't already have an account, it will be created and you will receive an email for the same. This can be a long process as the website is being provisioned on global servers. 
4) After your website is created, you will receive CloudFlare name servers (of the format and Please update these name servers for your domain name with your existing registrar. 
5) For activating RailGun, you will need to contact our support by visiting helpdesk at and provide the website name and location where your website is hosted (Denver, Chicago, London or Singapore) so that railgun can be activated for appropriate location. Activation of railgun can take up to 24 hours. However, you are ready to use your website while this is setup / activated. 
6) If you need to make custom DNS changes, you will need to login to CloudFlare account at -> Select your website name -> Click on DNS tab. 
7) If there are certain sub domains for which you want to bypass CloudFlare, you can click on the CloudFlare icon (grey = not using CloudFlare and orange = using CloudFlare) 
8) Once this is done and that name servers have propagated throughout the globe (usually within 24 hours of change), you will need to login to your CloudFlare Panel, navigate to "Speed" and scroll to "RailGun" option. You will need to enable RailGun for your website here and click on "Test" button. Once you receive a "Success" here, you are all set and your website will be having RailGun enabled to speed it up. 
9) You will have direct access to CloudFlare support from CloudFlare panel along with ability to make any changes / updates to your website settings as per your requirement.

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