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Support Through Trouble Tickets

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We have separate teams assigned to each department who will be assisting you when you submit a ticket. It is important to note that all staff members will not have access to all departments. Below matrix will provide you with an overview of departments, their roles, availability & access:

Sales For purchase of new services or addons of existing services

Extended Business Hours (~16 hours/day)

Technical Support For all technical queries / issues related to existing services 24/7/365

Existing Customers Only (Login To Submit Ticket)


For billing issues - Trouble submitting payment, billing cycle change, service cancellation, etc.

Business Hours

Existing Customers Only (Login To Submit Ticket)


For submitting inbound abuse issues (Spam, DMCA, etc) originated from our network

Business Hours Public
Management Team

For getting in touch with management team of company (CEO / CTO / CMO)

Business Hours Public

Please note

1) Tickets opened in incorrect departments will be closed without any response (submitting a technical support ticket in Sales or Management department will not be attended).

2) Tickets are responded based on the queue. Hence, if you keep updating your ticket, it will keep going down in the queue and you will see extended delays.

3) Please provide as much detail as available so that we can assist you quickly and in a better way.

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