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Windows VPS - Plan Changes

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You will be able to seamlessly upgrade from one Windows VPS plan to the other or add resources to existing VPS (RAM/CPU/Disk) and our technical support team will be able to assist you in the same. However, Windows disks cannot be compressed after they have been upgraded and hence it is not possible to downgrade from one pre-built plan to the other.

We also have "Build Your Own - Flexible Plan" whereby you can select a completely customised configuration that you need (in terms of RAM / CPU Cores / Disk Space / Bandwidth). You will be able to add / remove resources from it at any time (exception: disk space can't be removed/downgraded).

If you are on one of the pre-built plans (ECO, SSDV or Managed Plans) and want to move to "Build Your Own - Flexible Plan", there is no automatic migration possible. You will need to order a fresh plan, manually move your contents/setup to new plan and thereafter cancel your existing plan. If you need assistance of our migration team for the same, we can assist you with thisĀ under custom migration support which startsĀ from $125.

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