FAQs - Premium VPS

1) What support do I get with Premium VPS? Ans: Premium VPS' are Self Managed VPS (unless a Fully Managed addon is purchased) where support is limited to host machine hardware or host machine network issue. Customer is expected to perform all tasks within the VPS along with fixing it. If you need any of the tasks to be performed by our team or if you need advice/steps for any of the tasks, this is covered under custom support at $40/hr. Any task that requires us to login to your VPS is chargeable at $40/hr (except for Fully managed addon). 2) I've mis-configured firewall and locked myself out and cannot connect to server via RDP. What should I do? Ans: You will need to contact our technical support department regarding this along with username/password of your VPS so that we will disable your firewall. 3) What software is pre-installed in Premium VPS? Ans: For all non-bare OS, the server will have Web Server (IIS), FTP Server (MS FTP), DNS Server (MS DNS), Mail Server (SmarterMail), Stats Server (SmarterStats), Firewall (MS Firewall) installed/configured on your server. 4) How can I view bandwidth consumption of my VPS? Ans: This can be done by following steps mentioned Here 5) Is my VPS backed up regularly? Ans: Yes, all Premium VPS' are backed up weekly for disaster recovery purpose. You can find details about this Here. 6) What happens if the hard drive of host machine crashes? Ans: We have RAID 10 configuration of HDD's in host machine whereby we will be able to hot swap failed HDD with a good one without losting any data. However, in case of an unforeseen event of entire RAID array crash, we will need setup a fresh server and restore VPS' from available weekly backups. For Fully managed customers / customers with daily backup addon, we'll restore from latest available daily backups. 7) How can I re-load OS in my VPS? Ans: You will need to contact our support team for this and this will be covered under VPS Recreation Addon at $20/incident. 8) Is there any control panel installed in VPS? Ans: No, there is no control panel installed in VPS and you will need to install it yourself or we can provide professional installation/configuration of WebsitePanel at one time charge of $49. 9) My server is responding slowly. What should I do? Ans: Slow response is mainly caused due to resource contention (low RAM / CPU) and you will need to analyse your resource usage in server. If you need our assistance in analysing and advicing, you can contact your local sysadmin for assistance. If needed, you can also contact our support department and we'll investigate this under custom support. 10) What is handled in Fully Managed Services? Ans: We handle all day to day management tasks along with providing our expert advice for any of your server related queries. This also includes 40GB of daily backups of your server. You can find complete details of Fully Managed Service Level Here.

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