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How to create an email account in plesk control panel?

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This article will guide you on how to create an email account in Plesk Control Panel.

Step: 1

Login to the Plesk Panel:

URL: http://IP-address:8880
Username: admin
Password: As per set by you


From the dashboard screen click on the “Mail” tab.


Now, click on "Create Email Address" button to add a new email account.


Step: 2

Now, you will need to enter the below mentioned details for the email account that you are creating:

Email address: <A name of your email account>
Password: <A password which you want to set for your email account>
Confirm password: <Retype the above password>
Mailbox: <Specify the limit for your email account>

Once you enter these details, click on “OK”.

Step: 3

You can see that an email account is successfully created.

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