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How to create an ftp account in plesk control panel?

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his article will guide you on how to create an FTP account in Plesk Control Panel.

Step: 1

Login to the Plesk Panel:

URL: http://IP-address:8880
Username: admin
Password: As per set by you


From the dashboard screen click on the domain name for which you want to create an FTP account.

Step: 2

Now, click on “FTP Access” → “Add New FTP Account” button.



Step: 3

Here, you will need to enter the below mentioned details:

FTP Account Name: <A name of your FTP account>
Home Directory: <A path for which you want to grant FTP access to this FTP account>
New Password: <A password for your FTP account>
Confirm Password: <Retype the above password for confirmation>
Hard Disk Quota: <You can set quota as per desired limit>
Permissions: <Mark both checkboxs to allow upload/download features>

Once all details are entered, click on "OK" button.

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